SECI’s Payments to Wind and Solar Developers Surge 62% YoY in February 2023

According to recent reports, the Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) has witnessed a significant surge in its payments to wind and solar developers in February 2023. The payments made to the developers have grown by a whopping 62% on a year-on-year basis, highlighting the government’s increasing focus on renewable energy sources.

SECI, which is responsible for promoting and developing renewable energy projects across the country, has been working tirelessly to achieve the government’s target of 175 GW of renewable energy capacity by 2022. The corporation has been instrumental in driving the growth of wind and solar power in the country and has been actively engaging with developers to ensure timely payments and project completion.

The surge in payments made to wind and solar developers in February 2023 is a testament to the success of SECI’s efforts in the renewable energy sector. It also highlights the government’s commitment to achieving its renewable energy targets and creating a sustainable future for the country.

SECI’s payments to wind and solar developers have been a major factor in driving growth in the renewable energy sector in India. The corporation’s focus on timely payments has been critical in attracting developers to invest in renewable energy projects in the country. With the recent surge in payments, SECI is expected to continue its efforts to promote and develop renewable energy projects across India.

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