Delhi Bets on E-Buses and Solar Energy to Tackle Pollution Crisis

In an effort to tackle the city’s hazardous air pollution levels, the capital of India has announced plans to increase the number of electric buses on its roads and harness the power of solar energy.

According to the Delhi government, the move towards electric transportation will help reduce the city’s dependence on fossil fuels and significantly reduce harmful emissions.

In a statement, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said, “We are committed to making Delhi a pollution-free city. The addition of electric buses to our public transport system will go a long way in achieving this goal.”

Currently, the city has over 300 electric buses in operation, with plans to add 2,500 more over the next few years. In addition, the government is investing in a new solar power project that will generate 100 MW of clean energy for the city.

The project will be implemented in collaboration with the Solar Energy Corporation of India and will cover an area of approximately 300 acres in the southern part of the city.

“The solar project is a major step towards achieving our goal of making Delhi a self-sufficient city in terms of power generation,” said Kejriwal. “By using renewable energy sources, we can significantly reduce our carbon footprint and curb air pollution levels.”

The Delhi government has been taking various measures to combat air pollution, including the implementation of the Odd-Even scheme to restrict vehicular traffic, the ban on the use of diesel generators, and the installation of air purifiers in schools and hospitals.

Experts have welcomed the move towards electric transportation and renewable energy, saying it is a step in the right direction towards a cleaner, greener future for the city.

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