BrightNight partners with ACEN to boost RE development in India

BrightNight Energy, a leading renewable energy developer, has announced a partnership with ACEN (Asia Clean Energy Network), a global clean energy investment firm, to accelerate the development of renewable energy projects in India. The partnership will focus on developing solar and wind power projects across the country.

India has set ambitious targets to increase its renewable energy capacity to 450 GW by 2030, and the partnership between BrightNight and ACEN is expected to play a key role in achieving this goal. The two companies will collaborate on project development, financing, and implementation, with a focus on delivering high-quality renewable energy assets that provide sustainable returns for investors.

“We are thrilled to partner with ACEN, which has a strong track record of investing in clean energy projects around the world,” said Jayesh Desai, CEO of BrightNight Energy. “Together, we will bring our expertise and resources to develop innovative renewable energy project in India that will help the country achieve its climate goals.”

ACEN has already invested in several renewable energy projects in India, including solar and wind power projects in Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh. The partnership with brightNight will allow the company to expand its portfolio of renewable energy assets in the country and contribute to the growth of the Indian renewable energy industry.

“India is a critical market for clean energy, and we are excited to partner with brightNight Energy to develop and implement renewable energy projects in the country,” said Anand Shah, Managing Director of ACEN. “We believe that our partnership will create significant value for our investors and help drive the transition to a low-carbon economy in India.”

The partnership between BrightNight and ACEN is expected to generate significant investment in the Indian renewable energy sector and create new jobs in the country. The two companies are committed to delivering sustainable, reliable, and affordable renewable energy solutions that benefit the environment and the economy.

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