ALMM norms to be relaxed for two years

In a bid to address the solar panel shortage in the country, the government has announced that it will be relaxing the norms for the Approved List of Models and Manufacturers (ALMM) for a period of two years. This move is expected to provide some relief to the solar industry, which has been struggling to meet the rising demand for solar panels due to the rapid growth of the solar sector in recent years.

The decision was taken after a meeting between the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy and representatives of the solar industry. The government has recognized the urgent need to scale up the production of solar panels in order to meet the ambitious targets for solar power generation set by the government.

Under the current norms, only those solar panels that have been approved by the government and are listed in the ALMM can be used for government-funded projects. This has led to a shortage of approved solar panels, which has in turn led to project delays and cost overruns.

With the relaxation of ALMM norms, the government hopes to encourage the use of non-approved solar panels for government projects. This is expected to increase the availability of solar panels in the market and reduce project delays.

The relaxation of ALMM norms will be in effect for two years, after which the government will review the situation and decide on the way forward. The move has been welcomed by the solar industry, which has been calling for a relaxation of the ALMM norms for some time now.

Overall, the decision to relax the ALMM norms for two years is a positive step towards meeting the growing demand for solar power in the country. It is expected to help the solar industry scale up production and meet the ambitious targets set by the government for solar power generation.

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