500 MW solar energy to be produced in HP by 2024

CCMS Bureau

The government of Himachal Pradesh has announced plans to harness 500MW of solar energy by 2024. This ambitious project is aimed at boosting the state’s renewable energy production and reducing dependence on conventional sources of energy.

To achieve this target, the state government will work in collaboration with private companies and local communities to set up large-scale solar power plants in various parts of the state. The government is also offering incentives and subsidies to encourage investment in the solar sector.

The move towards renewable energy is in line with India’s goal of achieving 175GW of renewable energy capacity by 2022 and 450GW by 2030. Himachal Pradesh is strategically located with high solar potential, making it an ideal state for harnessing solar energy.

This project is expected to bring numerous benefits to the state, including job creation, reduced carbon footprint, and improved access to electricity in rural areas. It is also expected to attract investment and boost the state’s economic growth.

The state government is committed to making Himachal Pradesh a leader in renewable energy and is confident that this project will help achieve this goal.

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